Scrumptious Babies Taste Ice Cream for First Time (VIDEO)

baby boy trying ice cream for the first timeI thought I loved ice cream, but over the years, I've met people who are seriously ice cream fanatics. Like they just can't get enough of the stuff. There are even people who eat it in the dead of winter (err, like me ...) or instead of a meal. I know, completely crazy, right? But then again ... it's one of those foods that is just so delicious, it's hard to deny. Also, so many of us have sweet memories attached to eating ice cream as a kid. Actually, do you remember the first time you tried it?

Probably not. Neither can I. But bet it was amazing! Thankfully, we get to experience that wonderment all over again through kids. Brilliant people promoting Moose Tracks Ice Cream recently decided to film kids tasting ice cream for the first time, and the result was, well, you can see for yourself ...


Adorbs!! Oh, I absolutely love the little one in the beginning who is completely taken aback by the coooold sensation hitting his lips, and then suddenly, he's overcome with shock ... and suddenly, PURE JOY. And after that, obviously he needs to get some more ASAP!

Mmm, yes, the pleasures of frozen dairy dessert! Watching these kids go to town with their little bowls of is like watching them experience true bliss for the first time. Too funny. That said, you can tell that kid sheesh, all of these kids! are going to be ice cream lovers for life. But really, can you blame 'em?

How adorable is this? How did your little one react the first time they tried ice cream?


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