9 Signs Your Kid Is Too Darn Big to Be Riding in a Stroller

mom strollerWe’d all love to keep our babies babies just a little while longer, to cuddle them and kiss on them and nuzzle their little pint-sized bodies before they get all independent and will only let you hold them when they’re sick or sleepy. But moms (and dads, grandparents, and nannies), there have been a number of TDBFSthat would be Too Damn Big For Strollers—sightings, and not just in walking-intensive areas like amusement parks. It’s not going to keep your little ones little any longer. It’s just going to stress your stroller out.


I’ve seen children well on their way to middle school stuffed into and stooped over inside of Peg Peregos and Orbits, knees all but dragging on the ground beneath them, mommies and daddies seemingly oblivious as they dutifully push their overloaded bundles of joy on wheels. It seems some of us don’t know quite when to let it go. If I may, I offer a few tips:

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  1. If your kids’ legs are long enough to fold completely under the seat
  2. If your kid can scoot the stroller forward with his own feet, Fred Flintstone-style
  3. If you constantly have to buy your kid new sneakers because dragging has created wear and tear on her shoes
  4. If your kid can clearly offer another child their seat and push them instead
  5. If your kid can give directions to a stranger
  6. If your kid can cross her legs like a diva at a dinner party
  7. If your kid can recite his ABCs, identify colors, and list at least 10 state capitals
  8. If your kid can fold the stroller up and slide it into the backseat of the car
  9. If your kid can push you in the stroller

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I know children get tired and their little legs need to get a rest from all of that running and skipping and playing. But c’mon parents—they can’t transition directly from a stroller into their first driving lessons.

When did you know it was time to pack the stroller away?

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