Little Girl Keeps Interrupting Ballet Performance & It's Impossible Not to Laugh (VIDEO)

ballerinaWhile this had to have been slightly annoying for the adorable (and super talented) ballerina who was supposed to be dancing, this little girl -- in a fox costume! -- who continually interrupts the performance definitely steals the show. And it's made even more adorable by the fact that everything the "little" girl does is copying the "big" girl.

People, feast your eyes on what very well may be the most precious, and hilarious, video you see all week. This is too cute to miss!




Not totally sure what's going on here, as the video originated in Russia, and the only info I can seem to dig up is that the performance took place during the "Feast Of The New Year" show at a place called Energy Fitness Club, but it's hilarious nonetheless. And if nothing else, it goes to show us that little sisters (or younger friends?) behave the same way everywhere in the world!

How adorable is this? Does your younger child ever "annoy" your older one?


Image via SergeyBurlak/YouTube

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