8 Precious Babies in Funny Hats Are Better Than Prozac (PHOTOS)

8 Precious Babies in Funny Hats Are Better Than Prozac (PHOTOS)

babies in hatsThere is nothing cuter than a baby. We all know this. But as cute as babies are, babies in hats? Even cuter! I swear you put the sweetest baby in a hat and somehow their cheeks get that much chubbier, their lips get that much rosier, and their whole face becomes the focal point.

If only adult hats were as flattering ... lucky for us, there are plenty of places all over the web where we can see precious babies in funny hats.

If your Tuesday was a down day like mine, you NEED this slideshow. Trust me. You won't regret it. Here are eight adorable babies wearing funny hats:

  • Viking Hat Baby


    Image via Etsy

    Doesn't this make you wish it was cold outside? Seriously, is there ANYTHING cuter than this little warrior? I don't think so. Consider this your free Prozac for the day.

  • Frog Baby


    Image via Etsy

    I am soothed just by looking at this. Sweet newborn baby. Frog hat. Swoon.

  • Cupcake Baby


    Image via Beanie Designs

    I really wish I had seen this when I had babies. Cupcakes and babies. A more delicious combination had never existed.

  • Baby Football


    Image via Etsy


    OMG. Adorbs, dude. I don't even like football, but for this? I swoon. Sweet baby.


  • Baby Mohawk


    Image via Beanie Designs


    Your baby can't grow a mohawk? No problem! Just buy this hat. Seriously. Buy it. If you have a baby and you don't own this hat, I WILL think less of you.


  • Baby Helmet


    Image via Etsy


    OK, I swear I am not a football fan. But seriously, you guys? SERIOUSLY? This is one cute, cute baby in a helmet. I might have to become a football fan just for this.


  • Oscar the Grouch Baby Hat


    Image via Etsy


    Babies are nothing if not grouchy. Thus, this hat is pure perfection. Love it.


  • Hershey Baby


    Image via Etsy

    Who doesn't want to smother babies in kisses? Now you can! I can almost smell the chocolate and baby. Yum.

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