Dad Who Boasts About Favorite Son Should Learn to Keep His Trap Shut

father son surfersUnless you have only one child, parents should never tell anyone that they have a favorite. Ever.

As for putting that in writing? You may as well kick one kid out to the curb and wish him good luck in life.

Canadian dad Buzz Bishop recently wrote a column in which he explained he has a favorite kid. He loves both his sons equally, but his 5-year-old is his favorite simply because he can do more things than his 2-year-old.

Buzz goes on to say that everyone has a favorite kid, whether they'll admit it or not. And as long as you're not acting on it by giving preferential treatment to one over the other, it's fine.


I'm sorry but that's a total load of crap. Just by saying you have a favorite already means you're giving preferential treatment.

If you enjoy spending time with the older kid more because he's your favorite and you act upon that, you're shafting your younger child by not spending time with him. And guess what, spending more time with that younger kid may make you realize he's pretty darn fun too.

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I have two sons. I love them both equally. At times it amazes me how much love you can have for a single child. And then it turns out you have just as much love for the other one. Crazy how expandable the heart is, right?

Do I have a favorite of my two boys? No. Do I prefer doing certain activities with one over the other? Certainly.

My younger one is a snuggler, so just snuggling up next to him in bed while we watch cartoons is awesome. My older one loves movies and popcorn, so it's a blast sitting next to him at the theater, as we get our hands covered in butter. That doesn't mean I don't like snuggling with my older son or sitting next to my younger one at the movies. It just means each kid has different tastes and I enjoy doing different things with each of them.

The worst part of this, though, is that Buzz doesn't see the damage he's causing. He put his thoughts in writing. When his kids are older, that 2-year-old is going to know that he wasn't his dad's favorite. Doesn't matter that his dad tried explaining he loves them equally and the younger kid just didn't do much.

It's still in writing. Clear as day.

Your dad had a favorite kid, and it wasn't you!

Hopefully Buzz has a favorite child psychiatrist too. I have a feeling one of his kids is going to need it.

Do you have a favorite kid?

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