'Star Wars' Theme Song Brings Screaming Baby Back From the Dark Side (VIDEO)

crying babyThe force is strong with this one! Sorry, I just had to say it -- because I have seen the future of this adorable little baby, and that future includes Comic-Con tickets and Chewbacca costumes and collectible action figures. How do I possess this knowledge, you ask? Do I have a crystal ball?! Nope, but I have seen the video of the Star Wars theme song miraculously transforming this 4-month-old baby from a crying bundle of unhappiness to a happy little smiley nugget of cute.


And it doesn't surprise me. Not just because my son developed his own obsession with Star Wars when he wasn't much older than this infant, but because in my experience, there's a magical "no-cry" song for every baby -- the trick is figuring out which jingle makes your wee one jolly (and how not to go stark raving mad after you've listened to said song eleventy billion times in a row).

For my daughter, it was "The Best Present Ever" by ... Tigger. Yes, that Tigger. (Better name: "The Best Headache Ever.") For my son (during his pre-Star Wars days), it was a random ringtone on my phone. The most offensive one, naturally. Still, better than a screaming baby.

Seriously, the power of music is ... powerful. Watch this:

Awww, little padawan! Go to sleep now, you will.

Is there a special song that makes your baby stop crying?


Image via SebastianL2012/YouTube

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