The World Would Be a Better Place if Fewer People Had Babies

not having childrenThis may come as a shock to those of us with kids, but having children isn't the be-all, end-all of existence. Not everyone needs to have them. But if you ask Canadian writer Joe O'Connor, those couples who choose not to have babies are "selfish." It's laughable, really.

As a mom of two who spends a lot of time around other moms, I can honestly say not EVERYONE should be a mom. In fact, very often I would say MOST people shouldn't be parents. There are a whole host of reasons not to procreate and only one compelling one to do so: You want kids and you want to raise them.

It's simple. If that isn't you, do the world a favor and don't have kids. Not everyone is cut out for late nights with sick babies, screaming fits for hours on end, and all the less fun parts of parenthood. Good for them for knowing that.


As a mother I would never suggest that someone needs a baby to have their life be whole. If anything, I sometimes envy those who don't have kids. I wouldn't trade my kids now that I know them, but sometimes I have twinges where I wish I had been able to consider the childless life.

Those who can are lucky!

Being childless isn't being empty. It doesn't mean being unhappy or being bad in any way. It isn't selfish. If anything, it's unselfish. It's better for our world (for more reasons than the environment) to not procreate. Why does the world need a bunch of kids whose parents didn't want them? What good does that do anyone?

No. No one should be called "selfish" for making the right choice for them. My guess is O'Connor is just jealous and he can't admit it. Maybe it just looks like the childless are having that much more fun.

Do you think it's selfish not to have kids?


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