5 'Gangnam Style' Babies With Some Sweet Moves (VIDEOS)

Gangnam Style BabyFolks, we probably should have seen it coming from the second Gangnam Style came ashore. The South Korean hit from rapper Psy has blasted its way up the iTunes charts and drawn a gazillion YouTube hits. You might be wondering if there's anyone left who isn't singing "heeeeeey, sexy lady!" Well, considering the way the babies are loving it, probably not.

Yes, I said babies. Remember the tots dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies? They're practically out of preschool by now, and they've left a big hole for cuties with rhythm to sneak in, and Psy's international hit is helping make it happen. Just get a load of these adorable munchkins doing it Gangnam Style:


Little Leah gets down ... literally, just wait till she hits the floor:

This 9-month-old is jumping for Psy:

It's Oppa Baby Style!

Just give her a minute, she'll get into it!

Somebody get this kid a dance floor:

Are your kids going Gangnam Style? What do they seem to love about it -- the dance, the beat?


Image via Spiduh/YouTube

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