Man Puts on Makeup While Holding a Crying Baby Better Than Most Moms (VIDEO)

cafemom studiosBefore I had a baby, I never knew that one of life's great pleasures was getting ready -- showering, drying my hair, putting on makeup -- in complete and total peace. No sudden interruptions, no rushing around like a lunatic, no leaving the house with half-wet hair -- just me and my bathroom mirror. Ahhh. Luxury at its finest.

Now that I'm a mom, elaborate smoky eyes and intentionally messy barrel curls are a thing of the past. But if I do say so myself, I've gotten pretty good at getting ready with baby.

It's a skill. A skill that was perfected with time. A skill that ... this dude in the latest CafeMom Studios' Mom vs. Man challenge actually is pretty damn good at.

Watch the hilarity that ensues when a man tries to put on makeup -- while holding a screaming baby.


I think we might have a winner. I mean, we have to give this guy some leeway since he's probably doesn't have as much experience as the "average mom" when it comes to putting on makeup. And honestly? I think he looks quite beautiful. Nice work!

Do you miss getting ready without kids?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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