9 Creative 'Keep Out' Signs Kids Hung on Their Bedroom Doors

Jeanne Sager | Oct 9, 2012 Being a Mom
9 Creative 'Keep Out' Signs Kids Hung on Their Bedroom Doors

girls onlyHey! You there! If you're whining about "kids today" and how they're all plugged into their gadgets, I've got some news for you. Did you know that kids are still making handmade signs and taping them to their bedroom door like we did back in the day? 

No matter the decade, a kid's bedroom is still their domain, and they are going to protect it with whatever random piece of construction paper and pile of markers they have in their arsenal! And when The Stir asked other parents what their kids have plastered on the bedroom door, the photo responses were downright hilarious.

So here it is: a collection of the wild, wacky, and creatively-spelled signs you'll find on bedroom doors from New York to California.

From the kids who want to make sure their parents didn't miss something to the more ominous keep out signs, we've got it all ... including my daughter's rather bipolar go away sign with accompanying peace sign.

Which one's your favorite? What do the signs on your kid's room say?


Image via Jeanne Sager

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