TV Reporter's Attempt at Cute Kid Interview Backfires Hilariously (VIDEO)

harvest festival toddlerDon't you hate it when you're sitting in your stroller at the harvest festival, eating your wedge of cantaloupe and mulling over the Federal Reserve's purchase of mortgage-backed securities, when along comes some obnoxious reporter to ruin your day?

Well that's what happened to this little guy. He's deep in toddler thought. DEEP. And suddenly a whole camera crew is in his adorably middle-aged-looking face. Then the reporter has the nerve to tease him a little! Well, as you can see from the hysterical video, he did not take this ambush very well at all.


Man, you ruined my whole stinkin' day. Get lost, all y'all! Beat it.

Wow, that's a worse reaction than the paps get from Alec Baldwin. I guess somebody did not take his afternoon nap. Amirite? He's even lost his appetite for his cantaloupe, poor little guy. And now that reporter just looks like a big bully.

Well, the reporter tried to make it up with the toddler later on. But as you can see, NO!

No hugs for you, Ogre Man! You ARE an Ogre Man. NO!

Would your kid hate having a camera crew in their face, too?


Image via FunnyLocalNews/YouTube

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