5 Outrageous Excuses Parents Give for Leaving Kids Home Alone (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Sep 18, 2012 Being a Mom
5 Outrageous Excuses Parents Give for Leaving Kids Home Alone (PHOTOS)

sex shoes You would think people would know by now that leaving young children home alone is not okay. Toddlers simply can't be trusted, and if you want to at least attempt to keep them safe and alive and prevent your home from being destroyed you better find a babysitter or take them where you're going.

Still, nearly every day in cities and towns across the country, people leave their small children behind while they go off and do whatever they do. Frighteningly, most  of them probably don't get caught, and just get lucky. Those who do get caught typically don't offer up apologies but excuses -- really lame excuses. Here are five of the most outrageous ones people have given for leaving toddlers home alone.

What's the most ridiculous reason you've ever heard for someone leaving a young child home alone?


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  • To Play Kickball


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    Yep, it really happened in Hendersonville, Tenn., earlier this month. James Meadows, 48, had a kickball game, so he left his 14-month-old child home alone, thinking his wife would be there soon. Only problem was she was out driving around drunk, and they both got busted. 

  • To Get Married


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    Florida parents Kymberely Frederick, 30, and Daniel Richards, 34, wanted to get married so badly that they left three toddlers home alone to say "I do." Their wedding gift -- felony child-neglect charges. 

  • To Go to a Strip Club


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    It was not for love, nor sport, but for strippers that a Canadian father left his 3-year-old home alone. He may have gotten away with it too if he hadn't gotten into a big old brawl while he was there and needed medical attention.

  • To Have Sex With a Neighbor


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    When Florida mom Crystal Rusaw, 24, wanted a little nookie with the neighbor, she just went and got it, while her three children -- ages 3, 4, and 10 months -- were left home. They were seen wandering across a busy highway before someone called the cops.

  • To Go Shoe Shopping


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    It's hard to beat a good shoe sale, but Crystal Boyd, 21, gets no sympathy for leaving her three babies -- ages 1, 2, and 3 -- home alone while she browsed for cool kicks. Hasn't she ever heard of Zappos?


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