Taylor Swift's Song About 3-Year-Old Cancer Victim Is Touching Not Tragic (VIDEO)

ronan thompson teeMy wife can't stop crying. Ever since she downloaded Taylor Swift's emotional song "Ronan," the tears just keep flowing.

The song, about 3-year-old Ronan Thompson who died of cancer three days before his fourth birthday, really is a huge tearjerker. And the story behind the song is just as heartbreaking. Ronan's mom Maya blogged about Ronan's life on Rockstar Ronan, refusing to sugarcoat any of it.

Enter Taylor Swift, who was so moved by the story (and Ronan's crystal blue eyes) that she wrote a touching song based on many of the blog posts. She sang the song on a recent Stand Up to Cancer telethon, with Ronan's photo looming large behind her as she poured her heart out.


I'll admit I got teary eyed reading the backstory to the song, as well as just hearing Swift sing it. And it's probably because as a parent, I have two extremely valuable things in my life that I could lose: my two sons.

Thankfully, my two boys are happy and healthy and I most definitely count my blessings. But what if something similar to Ronan happened to my kids?

If I lost a child at such a young age, would I want such a vocal reminder? Would I want a mega popular artist writing an emotional song about my son? Yes, all the money and proceeds could go to charity and help fight this horrible disease. But could I bear to be reminded of what I'd lost every single time I turned on the radio?

My answer is yes. Absolutely.

It'd most certainly be painful but I'd learn to love that pain, as that one song would have a large piece of my son in it. It'd be an audible reminder of how amazing and wonderful and loved he was and still is. It'd also be a reminder that I'm still fighting for him, by raising funds to fight Neuroblastoma and pediatric cancer in his name.

It would also be a touching tribute to my son, one that I could share with the entire world. I'd want every living soul to know how gorgeous and bright and amazing my son was so in turn they could share a bit in my loss. But they'd also get to share a bit in the absolute best four years of my life.

If you'd like to help out, you can purchase "Ronan" from the iTunes store or make a donation to the Ronan Thompson Foundation or buy a T-shirt like the one shown above at Palmer Cash.


Do you think a song about a tragic loss is too sad of a reminder or something to treasure?


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