8 Creepy Dolls Made by People Who Obviously Hate Children

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  • Evil Eye Doll


    Image via Smabs Sputzer/Flickr

    If I had this doll in my room, I promise you I would never sleep. What is UP with those eyes all rolled back in the head and those arms reaching toward you? Shiver. Night. Mare.

  • Cracked Doll Face Nightmare


    Image via FeatheredTar/Flickr

    There is nothing more haunting than an old, weathered doll. Maybe someone loved her at some point, but now she has a face only Satan could adore.

  • Clown of Horror


    Image via .faramarz/Flickr

    We all may not agree on where to live, who to vote for, or what to have for dinner, but most of us are clear about one thing: Clowns are terrifying. This one, in particular, will get into your head, a maniacal laugh will form in your ear. Your world will never be the same.

  • Kimono Boy Terror


    Image via Harlequeen/Flickr


    This is the kind of toy someone brings back from their trip to Asia, and it ends up being possessed by the soul of a trapped serial killer and, like, kills all your neighbors in the night. Don't you think?

  • Gray-Haired Killer


    This is a doll I found myself in Tel Aviv. Why does it have gray hair? Why does it look like it's going to kill the other dolls? I may never know the answer to these questions. And I never want to. Shudder.

  • Smiling Monster Doll


    Image via Scotbot/Flickr

    A smile may be worth 1,000 words, but this one says only seven: I will kill you in your sleep. I'll be keeping one eye open from now on.

  • Fat Little Freak


    Image via John Pastorello/Flickr


    This fat little monster will scare the living crap out of any child. I am pretty sure I will never be the same after this.

  • Pockmarked Sailor


    Image via cayobo/Flickr


    Maybe at some point this doll wasn't a horror show. But it is now. Holy hell this is scary.

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