10 Reasons All Parents Should Get a Dog

child in dog cage

Last week, I wrote about the ways puppies are harder than kids. I was called deplorable, sick, and vicious ... among other things. Yikes, people!

Well, even for me, having a dog isn't all bad. In fact, I do have a few reasons I'm rather fond of it ...


1. The kids occasionally climb into the dog crate and the house has never been more peaceful.

2. I finally found something to do with all of those single socks I've acquired ... chew toys!

3. People are friendlier to you when you have a dog verses a child. Really.

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4. No more vacuuming the floor after dinner. A dog provides built-in leftover cleanup.

5. A dog forces you to be a morning person. Or at least be a night person who's awake at the crack of dawn.

6. You are greeted with a wagging tail and happy face. Always.

7. The kids have a constant playmate. I'm sure the dog loves tea parties and dress-up!

8. Your kids will pick up their toys, knowing if they don't, they will become dog toys.

9. You'll have hours of built-in amusement. Who needs TV when you can watch a dog wrestle with her toy bear for 45 minutes?

10. You have a dog. And the house really isn't the same without one.


Image via Scary Mommy

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