Saying Goodbye to Summer Is Bittersweet (PHOTOS)

Tracey Clark | Sep 17, 2012 Being a Mom
Saying Goodbye to Summer Is Bittersweet (PHOTOS)

by Adriana Botello

As a mother, the seasonal switch from summer to fall is always bittersweet. Capturing those fleeting moments through my lens is like magic for me. Today, photographer and mom Adriana Botello shares her own magical and intimate view into the final days of her own family's summer. Adriana’s photos are wistful and dreamy and express a nostalgic flare that works perfectly for this time of year. I am so pleased to feature her photo story at Life, Exposed and when you're done here, be sure to take a peek at Adriana's I Am Here photo project too. Very sweet!

Botello Bio
Adriana Botello

"Summer" in Adriana's words:

"Our normal family life is a blur of daily activity. So every year we look forward to getting away and unplugging for a little while. The vacation we had been waiting for was going to be a big one, we were headed to the islands of Hawaii. I wanted to soak in all of it, our morning wake-ups, our hikes, the beaches, and most of all the extreme amount of relaxing to be had."

Adriana Botello spends her time in Northern California with her husband and 5-year-old son. You can find her at


Photos via Adriana Botello

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