Please Show Me the Video of Your Baby's Birth (Said No One, Ever)

hospital delivery roomNew moms have another new trend on their hands, and let me just say I'm glad I haven't come across this one yet. It seems moms are becoming so obsessed with turning the birth of their babies into a "share" worthy of Facebook and YouTube that they're actually bringing professional videographers into the delivery room. And then, of course, they're uploading the whole big birthing scene to their social media accounts.

I am currently praying to all that is good and holy in this world that none of my friends do this. Or at least let it be a day when I forget to check my Facebook account m'kay?


Don't get me wrong! I love babies. Unlike the Facebookers who made such a to-do over that app a few weeks ago, I love it when the photos of a friend's new baby start popping up online. They always make me grin, and I do that little waltz down memory lane to the days after my daughter came home from the hospital. 

But when I do that happy little dance, I like that I can stop at the point where she's cuddled all snug as a bug in one of those funky burrito wraps the nurses make look so easy (I swear the husband and I didn't get good at them until she was ready to be out of them, but that's a whole other blog post!). I don't really want to remember back further, like all the way to the actual birth.

Of course, that's just me, there are plenty of women who do. And I respect that. I even "get" inviting a photographer or videographer in there -- at least to a point. What I don't get is why you think everyone else wants to share in your delivery room memories? Why do you think they want to see that video?

These aren't "their" memories because they weren't there. In fact, most women don't invite many people into the delivery room because it IS a private moment between herself, her baby, and just a few close family members and/or friends. Shouldn't that same reasoning apply to video of the scene?

If you're important enough -- or ready -- to see what happens during a woman's birth, you're probably there. Sure, some people can't make it, but I'm imagining that's a pretty short list, right? A mom, a grandma maybe? It's a short enough list that you can wait for Thanksgiving when everyone's in town and put it up on the family TV in the privacy (there's that word again!) of your own home.

If you really must put it on Facebook, go ahead. Just unfriend me first ... 

Would you share your birth video with the Internet?


Image via norfolkdistrict/Flickr

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