Little Girl's Musical Tantrum Is Truly Entertaining (VIDEO)

murpMan, that screaming kids do, it sure is annoying. Kind of stands your hair on end, doesn't it? If only you could harness the energy and intensity of a child's tantrum and put it to some practical use -- you could light up all of Cincinnati.

Or you could start a rock band like these kids did. I'm thinking ... death metal? Black Flag, it's over. Here comes Murp singing "Zombie Skin," and they RAWK. Without the guitars and drums, you'd think this little girl was refusing to go to bed on time. Sing it, sister!


I have no idea what she's saying. Something about zombies? Whatever it is, it's blowing me away. And don't you love the fairy wings? I mean, that just makes this video. I'm pretty sure she just flies off on the back of a unicorn after this video is over. A star is born.

Let this be a lesson to the rest of you kids! Maybe we'd let you stay up later or eat more candy or let you leave the house shoeless if only you'd sing a song the next time you're pissed instead of screaming. Because anyone can just scream. But children who turn screaming into heavy metal hits deserve more ice cream. I'm just saying.

What do you think of Murp's sound?


Image via wargasm123/YouTube 

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