5 Parenting Fails Every New Mom Commits

babyIt goes without saying: Being a new mom is hard. You're used to only taking care of yourself -- maybe a few pets? -- when all of a sudden, boom, there's this little baby in your life whose every need, want, and desire has to be fulfilled by you! So, what happens? Well, sometimes, you screw up. Big time.

Here are 5 parenting fails I've already committed as a new mom. No, I am not proud.


I forgot to tighten the straps in the car seat. I know. I have one of those Snap N Go carseat/stroller combos -- you know where you take the carseat out of the car and pop it into a cart? It's great. Anyway, one time, after I took my daughter out of the car and popped her into the cart, I loosened her straps, because I felt like they were too tight. I strolled her around the store for a while like this, then when I put her back into the car -- oops! I forgot to tighten the straps again. Awesome.

The monitor died and I had an awesome night's sleep. About three weeks into my daughter sleeping in her own room, my unplugged half of the monitor died. In the middle of the night. While I was sleeping. And I never woke up during the night. I'm not talking, like, a 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. sleep here -- more like a midnight to 6. And I'm not gonna lie, I felt like a new woman after. (I like to think that if she did cry, I would have heard, but honestly, we'll never know.)

She slept in pee. Not a pee-pee diaper, a pee-pee crib sheet. When my daughter was first born, we were living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with no laundry. She peed on one crib sheet, and I washed it. Then she peed on another, and, yeah, I wasn't making another trip to the laundromat for one thing. At least it had dried.

I starved her. Not intentionally, obviously, but it's impossible to tell how much food babies are getting when you're nursing! It took a trip to the pediatrician to find out that the reason she was crying, oh, for five, six hours a day was because the poor girl was hungry.

I forgot a diaper. I was running out of the house, I thought there was at least one left in my diaper bag, and yep, just didn't bring one. And yep, my daughter pooped.

What parenting fails have you committed?


Image via Adriano Aurelio Araujo/Flickr

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