15 Bittersweet Moments That Break a Mom’s Heart

bittersweet mom momentsSometimes, as moms, we have moments we wish we could hold on to forever -- the first time our baby smiles, the first time he laughs from the belly. Parenthood is full of these seconds that seem so monumental, but pass by so quickly, we can barely hold on. And those are just the obvious ones.

One minute our drooling infant poops in a diaper, the next they are off to kindergarten, and then 10 minutes later, they are in college. It all happens so fast it would be easy to miss it all. But we won't let you!

This back to school time is a time of transition, and for many parents, it's a time of bittersweet reflection. Here is a list of 15 little/big moments that made us realize our babies were growing up before our eyes:

  1. First "Mom": There comes a day when every mommy becomes mom. It's a happy/sad day. Because in that moment, we are proud of our beautiful big kid -- we made that! -- but we also know we won't ever hear him or her say "mommy" or "mama" again.
  2. Not wanting to hold hands: There comes a moment in every kid's life where holding hands with MOM is just not cool. My daughter is almost 6 and we aren't there yet (thank goodness), but I can feel it coming like a summer thunderstorm -- no rain yet, but I can smell it in the air.
  3. First day of kindergarten: This one is a doozy. I knew this one would be hard, sure. I don't think I knew HOW hard. I started freaking out about this last year, people! For 12 months, I have been crying every time I think about it. Now she starts on Monday and I am seriously questioning my ability to keep my emotions in check. Hope I don't humiliate her!
  4. Lost teeth: For some reason, the idea of my baby losing her little baby teeth is throwing me through a loop. I watched her grow them! They can't be gone! Just another sign my baby girl is becoming my big one ...
  5. Big kid sizes: When your little one moves on from the 5T size and into the big kid shoe sizes, it can be a little alarming. All of a sudden, that little body you once put newborn onesies on is big and strong and shopping in the kids' section. Sob.
  6. Getting rid of baby things: Sifting through those old things is just painful. We are in the midst of moving to the NYC area, and even though both of my children are big, I couldn't bear to part with their swaddling blankets and my Ergo carrier and many other things I simply no longer need but can't give away.
  7. Picking their own Halloween costume: My kids started this for the first time this year. It's my favorite holiday, and even though I know they need autonomy, it also made me cry.
  8. First time they are embarrassed of you: This is like the holding hand thing. Right now, I could dance down the aisle of Whole Foods and both my kids would smile. I know how fleeting that is. Believe me.
  9. Moving for the first time: We are in the midst of this right now and to say it's hard on the kids is a massive understatement. My poor babies are broken hearted to leave our condo even though it's teeny and totally inappropriate for our needs.
  10. Bye-bye bathroom stool: One day your baby is big enough to look in the bathroom mirror and brush his teeth without a stool and without his mama holding him. It's a sad day. Bring on the waterworks, mom!
  11. When they learn to "pump": The first time my daughter pumped herself on the swings without needing a push, both my husband and I teared up. It was both exciting to see her coordination and independence and also so, so sad that she would never sit in a baby swing again.
  12. Drop-off birthday parties: Only big kids go to drop-off parties by themselves. Don't cry too much, mom!
  13. Getting rid of old board books: How many times did you sit with your baby in your lap, reading those colorful board books? How many times did she gum the outside and tear up the "pages" while cutting teeth? They are too old for those books now. Even if they aren't reading themselves, they have graduated on to bigger and better. But oh how sad it makes us parents ...
  14. Wanting to brush her own hair: This one was a big one with my daughter. I loved the long minutes I would spend working on her hair. Now she would rather do it herself.
  15. Not wanting me to hold him anymore: My son loved to be carried everywhere for the first 3+ years of his life. Now he wants to walk. My arms are happy, but my heart? Not so much.

What were your little/big moments?


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