6 Super Powers Every Mother Has

wonder womanIt's true. Moms have superhero powers. They can leap tall buildings in a single bound; they can burn inanimate objects with their gazes; and they can be teleported to any particular place at any given moment. Well, not really. But they do possess some crazy skills. Here are 6 super powers every mom has.


They can do anything -- anything -- with one hand. Here I was all this time going through life thinking I needed two hands. After my daughter was born, I realized -- really, that second hand is just a bonus. Make the bed carrying the baby? Check. Put the bib on the baby with one hand? Check. Read an email/balance a check book/whip up a nice lamb roast with all the fixins with one hand? Check, check, check.

They have super human strength. Remember when you first picked up that car seat before you had kids? It was heavy, right? Funny how you seem to overlook that when you're carrying the car seat -- with your kid in it -- along with the diaper bag and 15 other bags.

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They have bionic hearing and other senses. You know how you're awoken by the slightest sound or movement from your baby? And how your husband's totally not? Two words: Super power.

They magically get over any fears they had once the baby is born. To think, you used to be scared to kill spiders -- ha!

They're always the ones to smell their babies' butts in public. A super power? Maybe not. But let's give ourselves credit for this one, because, really, it's not the sexiest thing in the world.

They're always the ones to witness baby's firsts. Whether they're stay-at-home moms or working mamas, it seems babies always wait for their mothers to hit their milestones. (At least we like to think they do!)

What other super powers do moms possess?

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