10 Scientific Inner Workings of a Child's Brain

Sometimes, I am convinced that I'm psychic. No, I don't play the lottery and win or know with certainty who will win the Presidential election. I do, however, posses the gift of being able to predict, with 98 percent accuracy, exactly what will come out of my children's mouths at any given time. Amazing, right?!

Here's a peek inside ...


1. I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?

2. I'm bored. Can I play a computer game?

3. I want to rest. Can I watch a show?

4. I want someone else to play with. Can I have a friend over?

5. MOMMY!!!!! He's annoying me.

6. MOMMY!!!!! She's annoying me.

7. My stomach hurts. What can I eat?

8. Can I play on your iPhone?

9. My stomach really hurts. When's dinner?

10. MOMMY!!! What can I do now?

Does every parent have this magic ability? What's in YOUR child's head?

Image via Scary Mommy

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