Family Tease-Fest Proves Being a Little Brother Is a Rough Gig (VIDEO)

single ladiesOh my god, I can't watch this video without feeling like I'm going to burst out crying like one of those people who cries at perfectly pleasant movies like The Lorax and embarrasses her kids ... oh wait, I'm totally one of those people. Guess that's why this adorable little boy's backseat breakdown breaks my heart!

He's perfectly fine, by the way -- not physically injured or sick or anything like that -- but his feelings are very, very, VERY hurt. Of course they are! He just got some very, very, VERY bad news.

This angelic, cherub-cheeked little boy is not, tragically ... a Single Lady.


He just wants to sing along to a little Beyonce, like his big sisters! All the single ladies/all the single ladies/put your hands up!

You're gonna tell a sweet, innocent child he can NOT in fact put his hands up?! No wonder the kid started bawling!! Oh lawd, I'm gonna start crying again. Although I can't help but laugh at the parents as they backpedal desperately: It's okay! You can be a single lady! You ARE a single lady!!

Poor little guy, right? And what a sweetheart the middle big sister is, all tearing up in sympathy. Awww. This is the sweetest little family. Makes me want to cry (again).

Do you think little brothers have it rough sometimes?


Image via loswhits/YouTube

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