Awkward Dad Has Dance Party With Himself While Son Inwardly Dies of Shame (VIDEO)

embarrassing dadI don't know this boy, but he deserves an award. He deserves the Most Tolerant Child in the World Award. Because the um, spirited little dance his dad is doing? Let me put it this way. If I did a dance remotely like that -- in public, no less -- anywhere near my 11-year-old daughter?!

Well, she would do one of several things. She would either 1.) run away as fast as she could so no one would think we were together 2.) run away as fast as she could so no one would think we were together, screaming in horror or 3.) faint, overwhelmed with humiliation.

But not this boy.


Nope, this boy just sits next to his be-boppin' dad with stoic resignation. Yup, that's my dad. Black socks and all. Sigh.

And make no mistake, this dude gets exceedingly jiggy with himself. Watch:

You see?! You see what I mean? I totally was NOT exaggerating. Now I know what that Gloria Estefan song was really all about ... it was a warning. "The rhythm" GOT this guy. And it got him good.

What would your kid do if you danced like this in public?


Image via Dave Fuller/YouTube

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