Little Girl Has Disturbing Realization About Daddies & Mommies (VIDEO)

daddy has a what?It's one of the biggest, most profound revelations of toddlerhood: Boys and girls have different ... stuff. And watching a kid have this epiphany is beyond priceless because, once the basic anatomical reality sets in, every child goes through the same hilarious process: The systematic categorization of family members and friends by, well, their corresponding gender-specific parts. Which is exactly the experience little Bailey is having in this video.

And all you can do as a parent, really, is to sit back and either confirm or deny. And try not to laugh TOO hard.


Suffice it to say, Bailey seems just a tad bit disturbed -- and who can blame her? I mean, really. Who wouldn't make a face like that when forced to consider (for the first and hopefully last time) her grandma's "pagina"?

Just watch:

My favorite part of this video, hands-down: "Mommy doesn't have any penises." Oh, dear. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, Bailey!

Has your little one had the penis/pagina epiphany yet?


Image via psychosoprano/YouTube

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