10 Back-to-School Mom Confessions

It's that time again, fellow moms. The time when we stock up on endless pencils and tissues and antibacterial wipes for a brand new classroom. When we shop for shiny, clean backpacks and retire the swimsuits for soccer cleats. When we force our kids to smile for new school year photos and kiss up to a whole new group of teachers. In other words? It's the very best time of the year.


Oh, c'mon. I know at least some of you are on the same page as me.

According to my Confessional, at least, I'm not the only one who has chills about my kids' return to a regular routine (and some distance from me). See? Here you have it: The way moms really feel about that first day back to school ...

1. I am going to dance out of school on their first day back. No, not dance. I am going to ROCK IT!

2. Would it be wrong to send the teacher a bottle of vodka on the first day of school? With my kid, she's going to need it. Better her than me.

3. I spent a fortune on "cool" clothes for my kid in hopes that they help this year. I fear that they won't.

4. My girlfriends and I have a tradition of dropping the kids off on the first day of school and making a pitcher of mimosas to down while we toast to freedom. Woo-hoo!

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5. We've had a great summer. I've loved the lazy days and the family time, but I am so ready for school to start that I can taste it.

6. The sight of the school bus rounding our corner is the most beautiful sight on earth.

7. Sometimes, usually in May, I consider homeschooling. And then comes August and I come to my senses.

8. I stalk the bus on the first day of school. Not because I'm so sad they're leaving, but because I want the perfect picture for my blog.

9. I make a delicious breakfast spread on the first day of school, not for the kids to celebrate, but for me to start my favorite day of the year off right.

10. 5 days, 13 hours, 27 minutes, and 6 seconds until the first school drop-off. Who's counting? I AM.


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