Who Cleans Faster: Mom or Man? (VIDEO)

One of many "you know you're a mom when" moments comes when you realize you never go anywhere, ever, without snacks in your purse. The embarrassment of pulling out a snack pack of fishy crackers of questionable freshness in the middle of a work meeting is nothing compared to that of your little one crying, "I hungry, mommy! HUNGRY!" and you have nothing to give them while everyone in the store stares at you like you're a big slacker.

The worst, though, is when you're in a store, let's say a nice clothing store, when BOOM your baby knocks their snack bowl out of the stroller, spilling oaty O's far and wide. You have to clean them up while holding your now wailing baby and get out of there as fast as you can.

How fast could you do it? And more to the point, how fast could a guy get it done? Check out this latest episode of Mom vs. Man below to find out.


Our intrepid reporter asked a couple of guys who (to put it delicately) seem to have been enjoying some adult refreshments to take the challenge. Clean up the cereal in 60 seconds or less, while holding a "baby" (actually a 10-pound sack of potatoes) and Lauren will buy them a drink.

Did the guys get a free drink from Lauren? What do you think? Watch the hilarious video below to find out.

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How fast can YOU clean up spilled cereal?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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