Adults Acting Out Kids’ Crazy Playdate Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day (VIDEO)

kid snippetsAdd this one to the ever-expanding list of things I wish I thought of first: Kid Snippets, a web series from the folks at BoredShortsTV, features adults acting out skits originally improvised by kids. The best part? They use the kids' voices (kind of like in those Subway commercials, except a zillion times more hilarious). 

I love this series for a multitude of reasons, but most of all because it reminds me how funny kids can be without even trying. (Which, sometimes, as moms, we can kind of forget to notice, usually because the "being funny" thing included something getting spilled or broken or lost or ... you get the drift.)


One of my absolute favorite Kid Snippets is definitely "Basketball Class" (partly because my son says the word "serious" like the kid/adult in the clip, but mostly because it made me literally cry with laughter). "Olympics" cracked me up too ("They pacifically said my name." "They pacifically said MY name!").

Although "Lunch" might be the best one of all. Just watch:

I love the body language! This actor completely nailed the way kids register disappointment with their entire bodies. And the disgust on the cashier's face: "That's napkins!"

What's the funniest thing your kid did today?


Image via BoredShortsTV/YouTube

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