Innocent Baby Hilariously Clotheslined by 2 Boston Terriers (VIDEO)

baby and dogHaving a baby is great. Having a dog is great. Having a baby and a dog ... can get cray. My daughter is only 4-months-old, but I'm already seeing signs of interesting times to come. I.E. my bark-tacular shih tzu has woken her out of what appeared to be the most peaceful of slumbers way too many times. But enough about me. Let's talk about when dogs and babies go well together. Let's talk about when dogs are babies make comedic gold.

Actually, let's not talk about it. Let's just watch an adorable, hilarious video of two cute Boston Terriers clotheslining an even cuter baby.


Poor little guy. He was just sitting there minding his business when, boom, the Bostons strike. Life with a baby and dogs, people, life with a baby and dogs. Never a dull moment. Word.

Do your baby and pet get along?

Image via mikebeam77/YouTube

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