Llama Teaching Annoying Boy Manners Is So Funny You’ll Watch This 10 Times (VIDEO)

llamaNo matter what kind of fancy school you send your children to, or how hard you work as a parent to teach them the ways of the world, there are always some lessons they're going to have to learn the hard way. Usually, the harder they learn them, the more they stick.

Take the case of the boy in this video, Alex. There is he is bothering a poor innocent llama. Oh sure, he's probably just curious, but the llama starts to get irritated with his giggling and staring, and I don't blame him. When the boy tugs on the llama's fur, that's the last straw for the animal, and he (or she?) lets the boy know just how he feels in the most awesome way. Watch it after the jump.



Well done, Llama! The timing, the aim, it was pure perfection. Alex got exactly what he deserved, and seems pretty put out about it. "I'm all stinky," he whines.

I love that his dad (or who I presume is his dad) laughs about the whole thing too instead of freaking out or trying to make him feel better. He got what he had coming, and I bet he's going to be a lot more respectful of animals in the future. I hope the llama got a good laugh too.

What kind of lessons have your children had to learn the hard way?

Image via YouTube

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