Hilarious 'Daddy Skills' Rap Shows Just How Much a Kid Changes Everything (VIDEO)

daddy skillsYo, this one goes out to all the daddies in the house and their wives who'll find it equally hilarious. "Daddy Skills" is a rap video that takes a humorous and sweet look at how different a guy's life is after he becomes a father.

From a guy named Sam Dorman, who goes by the name Sam Deezy, he breaks down his life as a father for a friend who is both shocked and impressed. The refrain is an infectious: "Damn dude, you got daddy skills."

He finds cutting grapes AND blueberries "gangster," and can't believe that just the other day they were playing beach football and drinking beer. The best part of it is Dorman's adorable daughter, who obviously makes it all worth it. Check it out after the jump.


I think I love it most of all because it doesn't make a huge deal that he's a dad (read: not a mom) doing these things. It drives me crazy when dads expect (or just automatically get) praise showered upon them just for being a good, involved parent. The tasks may be baffling to him (my husband is SO there with you on the pigtails, dude), but he doesn't make himself out to be a martyr for doing them. Good for him.

Just be warned: You'll likely be unable to get the song out of your head for a long time. Oh, and random but impressive fact -- they shot almost this whole video on an iPhone.

Does your child's father have mad daddy skills?


Image via YouTube


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