'Pregnant Women Are Smug' Video Will Totally Crack You Up (VIDEO)

pregnantSome women love being pregnant, others don't. Some people love pregnant women, others ... find them smug and annoying, what with their growing a baby inside of themselves and all. Comedy duo Garfunkle and Oats are among the latter group -- and they just made a hilarious video explaining why pregnant women "give them the creeps." Spoiler alert: The video features the ladies being vaginally "birthed" at the end! Check it out.


I happen to enjoy a pregnant woman myself (perhaps because I haven't really encountered too many smug pregnant ladies), but I hear them on the, "Oh, I don't care what it is, as long as it's healthy." Hell, I said that myself before I found out the sex of my baby! And in most ways, it was 100 percent true. All I did care about was that my baby was healthy. But in other ways ... I was totally hoping for a girl. Of course I didn't say that, though.

Anyway, whatever your feelings are towards preggos, this video should put a smile on your face because it's silly and fun. And because of the fact that at least one of these adorable ladies will probably be pregnant at some point in their lives!

Do you find pregnant women annoying?


Image via rikilind/YouTube

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