Parents of Greedy Little 2-Year-Old Better Start Saving Up (VIDEO)

2-year-old ray moneyNot every 2-year-old has his priorities straight, but this little guy? He is no fool, let me tell you what. See, Ray here was looking a little "serious," so his dad figured he'd try and cheer him up a bit. Maybe Ray was hungry? "No." Not for nuggets? "No." Not for candy?! "No." 

Wow. Truthfully, this adorable little video could have ended with Ray turning up his nose at the idea of candy, because, well -- what the heck do you offer a 2-year-old who says "no" to candy?! I mean what's left, a pony?

To borrow a phrase from Ray, "No." There's still one offer to be made, an offer he won't be able to refuse ...


Can you guess what that magical item might be? Here are a few hints: It "makes the world go round." It "can't buy me love" but it's "what I want." Also, "some people gotta have it," but "some people really need it" and, sometimes, "it's a gas."

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Oh fine, just watch the video:

MONEY!!! Of course. Ray wants one thing and one thing only, and that's cold hard cash.

Something tells me this kid is gonna do all right in life.

Do you have a little one who loves to say "no" over and over again?


Image via dumo/YouTube

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