Soldier Surprises Daughter at SeaWorld After Year Away (VIDEO)

Eric and Alexis EspinosaThe shows at SeaWorld always offer plenty of thrills and excitement, but one 4-year-old girl recently got a whale of a surprise, and Shamu had nothing to do with it.

Alexis Espinosa, 4, hadn't seen her father in a year. An Army specialist, Eric Espinosa had been serving in Afghanistan for a year, and had been gone for about one-quarter of her life. So the last thing she was likely thinking about when she went to SeaWorld recently was that she'd be seeing him. What an incredible surprise it was when she did.

During one of the theme park's shows, which featured a special salute to the troops, she saw his face on the screen. As she searched for him, he walked up behind her while still dressed in his uniform. When she saw him, she immediately jumped into his arms as the whole thing played out on the JumboTron.



How sweet is that? I love that her mother, or whoever got her dressed, thought to put her in such a patriotic dress too.

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While SeaWorld was already one of her favorite places, you know it will forever be a huge reminder of that incredible reunion. Killer whales jumping through the air are pretty impressive, but they've got nothing on this priceless father-daughter moment.

What's your favorite military homecoming video you've seen?


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