Flower Girl Takes a Nap ... During Wedding Ceremony (VIDEO)

little flower girl falls asleep during ceremonyOne ongoing conversation between my fiance and me about our May wedding is how any children in attendance will fare. See, since it's a Saturday night Jewish wedding, our ceremony will have to begin after Shabbat and sundown, meaning at around 7:45 p.m. So we're not even sure if our flower girls -- ages 4 and 19 months -- are going to be up to the task at that time. The thing is, no matter when the knot-tying takes place, you just never know how kids are going to act at a wedding. It could be the middle of the day, and because they're missing out on their usual naptime or they missed their usual naptime, they have a complete meltdown right in the middle of the bride and groom's "I do"s.

Take this flower girl who has gone viral for dramatically dropping onto the floor during the ceremony, then proceeding to curl up in a ball and seemingly take a snooze! Seriously! Check it out ...


HA, wooooow! On one hand, this is a riot. Who hasn't been to a wedding or other religious ceremony where they wish they could do the very same thing?! Silly kids -- always doing what we adults only daydream about! On the other hand, I don't know if this couple should have laughed or cried about having their flower girl "steal the show" with her mini-Snow White moment -- right as they were about to be pronounced husband and wife. 

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Oh well! I guess all they really could do was chuckle and shake their heads. Falling down tired, cranky kiddos is a risk you take when you have them attending and, especially, standing up in your wedding. Hopefully for the most part, the pros out weigh the cons, such as a cringe-worthy moment like this.

What do you make of this flower girl's "performance"?


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