13 Men Tell Most Bizarre Bedtime Story Ever (VIDEO)

bedtime story"Mommy, tell me a story." For gifted storytellers, these words are an invitation to a world of magic and connection with their darling children. For the rest of us, these words strike terror in our hearts. And if there are special requests and you can't just rely on ye olde fairy tales, your goose is truly cooked.

But Mom vs. Man's Lauren O'Quinn found several young men who are up to the challenge! She asked them to tell a bedtime story that involves a princess, kitty cats, and Justin Bieber. Just the three classic elements of every great story, right? No problem! Let's see what the guys came up with.


So if I'm hearing all of this right, we have a princess from Boston who loved to hear Justin Bieber sing "Baby." She lived in a castle but the king just didn't love Justin Bieber. And it turns out Justin is a kitty cat fanatic who has 38 cats! And then Justin Biber sings, "You can be my boyfriend." (Um, okay, dispensing with the hetero-normative narrative, a little advanced for toddlers, but why not.) Then an evil villain tries to steal the girlfriend -- boyfriend? And then we find out the princess was already married and her dad was Justin Bieber. 

Yes, I agree. If you turned this into a movie, it definitely would become a box office smash. There are a few plot points that don't really make sense, but I think it'll fly for the average 3-year-old. None of the stories they tell make any sense, either. So the bar for believability and continuity is set pretty low.

I think the important thing is that no kitty cats were harmed in the making of this bedtime story. Also, singing is always a good idea. 

What kinds of bedtime stories do you tell your children?


Image via CafeMom Studios/YouTube

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