Diva 4-Year-Old Freaks Out When Nanny Won't Get Her a Facial (VIDEO)

beverly hills nanniesIn my next life, I'm pretty sure I want to come back as a kid in Beverly Hills. Because if the new reality show Beverly Hills Nannies is any indication, those tots have it pretty dang good. Just take 4-year-old Brooklyn Faulk. The little darling gave her new nanny Justin quite a first day on the job when she pitched herself a big old hissy fit over something the average 4-year-old doesn't even know exists: A facial. As in, she wanted a facial. Immediately.

You know the way most toddlers kick and scream about watching one more episode of Dora the Explorer before bed or not wanting to leave the playground or having ice cream for dinner? Well, that's the level of tantrum this kid threw over getting a relaxing spa treatment.

Now, don't get me wrong ...


I completely understand the urge to throw one's self on the ground, fists pounding and legs flailing, over the need for a little "me" time. A little pampering, for cripe's sake?! Is that too much to ask?!

But hang on, I'm guessing all this kid ever GETS is "me" time. (Which is something her nanny can pretty much kiss goodbye from here on out.) Never mind the obvious childrearing issues -- insofar as the whole giving in to a 4-year-old's unrealistic requests just so she'll stop freaking screaming already goes.

Maybe Brooklyn is just irritated because the "name your kid after a NYC borough" trend was already old hat by the time she came along. (Trendy celebs take note: Staten Island is still up for grabs!) Or maybe she doesn't get ice cream or Dora because she lives in Beverly Hills and fancy kids get facials instead. I don't know.

Thank god I don't have to care!

What other outrageous tantrums do you expect to see on Beverly Hills Nannies?

Image via AOL

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