10 Fantastic Perks of Being a Mom to Older Kids

Back when I was the one with little babies, I used to feel sorry for people with older kids who didn't capture random glances at the mall. Life must have been so sad for those people, I naively thought, who no longer have the cute kids as their own! Snort. Now that Lily is 8, I'm beginning to see the merits to having older kids. Here's what I've discovered so far, and I'm looking forward to many, many more.


1. I can sleep in! Or at least not get up the second the kids do now that they can grab breakfast on their own and turn on the TV. Such a beautiful thing.

2. They can dress themselves. Sure, they may look a tad mismatched, but at least I don't have to assist.

3. I get more than a "good" when I ask how their day was. (Or at least with my daughter I do.)

4. They can navigate the DVR. And, help me in doing so.

5. I can embarrass them, and have a blast doing it.

6. I can enjoy watching TV with them. Hello, Brady Bunch reruns and so long, Dora and Caillou!

7. They can shower alone and I no longer become drenched during bath time.

8. They understand consequences and can be reasoned with. Sometimes.

9. They can read to themselves. Buh-bye, Dr. Seuss.

10. They can do chores. I mean, that's almost reason enough to have another one.

What joys have YOU discovered as a parent of older kids?


Image via Scary Mommy

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