Grown Man Puts a Bib on His Friend & Spoon Feeds Him Baby Food (VIDEO)

mom vs. manLet's say you're a dude in your 20's, out with your boys one night (gold chains? Check!). What's on your mind? Buncha wild and crazy guys like you, who knows? Anything could happen, bro! Some lady could make you put a bib on and eat a whole jar of baby food in 60 seconds!

Wait, whaaa?

Yeah, I'm guessing this was not the sort of "adventure" the young gentlemen featured in episode of CafeMom Studios' "Mom vs. Man," were expecting to have when they hit the town on this particular evening, but that was before host Lauren O'Quinn caught up with them. Her challenge: Feed your buddy an entire jar of baby food in one minute or less! 


How hard can it be? Well, considering the guy playing the role of "baby" had to sit on a bouncy ball while the other guy fed him (and wear a bib, ha!) ... kind of hard, actually.

The absolute best part of this video is watching the rest of the entourage cheer the challengees on. These two are NEVER gonna live this down, never.

Dude, you 'member that night you hadda eat that whole jar of baby food in a minute?

How much fun would you have force-feeding some guy a jar of baby food?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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