Newborn Drives Himself Around Circumcision Ceremony & It's Totally Awesome (VIDEO)

baby remote control carSo here's something. Parents with a killer sense of humor (or a blaring lack of one) decided it would be awesome if they let their 8-day-old son "drive" around the reception of his circumcision ceremony in a remote control car. Why no one has thought of this before is shocking, especially after you see how purely magnificent it is.

The too cool for school newborn rides around in a room full of drumming, flashing lights, and exploding fireworks, all while asleep. It's phenomenal. And frankly, you have to see it to believe it.



The little guy seems like he couldn't care less about what's happening, but deep down inside, you know he's like, Yesssssssss. This is so boss!

Ok -- so do you love this or hate this?


Photo via mt19651000/YouTube

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