Long Hair Isn't Just for Little Girls Anymore

ashlee and bronxAshlee Simpson's 3-year-old son Bronx has the most adorably long locks. Though, I have no doubt the mom is getting flack for letting her little boy's hair get so long.

My son has super curly hair too. It fell in the cutest ringlets at his shoulders and not everyone was a fan. Some friends, family members, and even friends of family members would say, "Oh you should cut his hair," "He looks like a girl," or ask in a judgemental tone, "When are you going to cut that child's hair?" In their mind, long hair was FOR GIRLS ONLY.


PLEASE! This isn't the 1950s. Yet there are message boards dedicated to debating this issue. I just don't understand why it is anyone's business but that mom's. Besides, why can't boys sport long locks. Those that do aren't any less social, playful, or smart. It has nothing to do with behavior or intelligence. 

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I will admit, I eventually relented and chopped off his hair after he turned 2, but it wasn't because of those old-fashioned nags. The longer it got, the more difficult those coarse curls were to manage. And I did want to see what his little face looked like without the wild mane. But I hope Ashlee doesn't snip her kid's ultra cool coif. Just like with adults, it can definitely add to a kid's personality and presence.

Do you think Ashlee should cut her son's hair?

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