Climbing 3-Year-Old Girl Gives Spider-Man a Run for His Money (VIDEO)

3 year old climbs door frameSpider-Man, meet The Amazing Sofya: She's a 3-year-old girl with suction cups for feet and hands (or, well, anyway, it sure seems that way). Her dad caught her climbing her door frame and quietly chanting to herself, "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it." She's the little climber who could!

AND she's smart -- notice in the video that she's put cushions below in case she falls or needs to jump. That's using your noggin. Watch Sofya in action as she makes the incredible climb up the door frame and ... does she climb back down or does she just fall? You'll have to wait to find out.


OMG, so cute! This little lady is going places. I mean, after she gets out of the door frame, that is. I just love her ambition and determination. What a powerhouse that kid is. I almost fear for her parents. Will she try bungee-jumping off the roof at 5? No wonder she's known as the "3-year-old ninja."

But the best part is what Sofya's dad says he's going to do with the money he makes from this video: He's donating it to"children who can't afford their own door frame (food/clothing etc.)," via Awww! That makes me want to watch the video again and again.

Do your kids pull crazy acrobatic stunts like this at home?


Image via 3yearoldninja/YouTube

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