Little Ballerinas Beware: Don't Let This Dude Do Your Recital Hair (VIDEO)

mom vs. man hair

The latest Mom vs. Man give me a headache, literally. Hunter and Natalie were an attractive couple minding their own business when host Lauren O'Quinn cornered them in a public space and asked Hunter to do the unthinkable. Put Natalie's hair in a pretty, pretty dance recital bun in less that 60 seconds. OH NO! Does it really have to be PRETTY pretty? Because I'm predicting this is going to get pretty ugly pretty fast.


Well I'll give Hunter credit for knowing what a bun is. Many guys would have been stumped right then and there. But he has some vague idea that it's kind of like a ponytail, only with the hair kind of bundled up into a ball. And... ah.... you're supposed to do something with the hairpins?

Don't you love the way he spins that sloppy way he neglected to scoop all of Natalie's hair up? That's the new trend! Sloppy strands of hair on either side that make it look like your boyfriend did your hair in 60 seconds in the dark.

But if this had been his little daughter, right before a dance recital? OMG, the tears! Not only did he probably pull little tender hairs, he also failed to pull off a regulation little girl bun. Which would have resulted in a refuse-to-perform tantrum. Which would have ruined everyone's night. Let's just hope that if Natalie and Hunter ever get together and make a ballerina of their own Hunter puts some hair-do practice in before his big moment.

How long does it take to put your daughter's hair in a bun -- or do you avoid that at all costs?

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