My 3 Kids Share a Bed & It Isn't (Total) Chaos

While it's hard to believe that my parents would even attempt to spawn another with my DNA, they did. I have a brother 10 years my senior -- raise your hand if you're an OOPS Baby!

(raises hand)

It's probably pointless to tell you that we didn't have a lot in common NOR did we ever, at any point in time, even consider sharing a bedroom.

My kids, on the other hand, well ...


When we bought the house, we had a singleton, my son Ben, who was, at the time, 4 years old. We'd bought this particular house in this particular neighborhood for the express purpose of adding to our three-person family.

I practically live in Pleasant-Ville -- while the movers were moving our crap around, three sets of neighbors came over with cookies and brownies. We have block parties. We have Halloween parties. It's completely out of the realm of what's normal these days (you know, when neighbors don't even wave at one another as they drive past?) and I love it.

The house boasted in the report a whopping four bedrooms, which, after living in a shoebox of a condo, seemed like a mansion. The fourth bedroom should probably have had quotes around it in the listing because, well, it's an office, not a bedroom.

But no matter.

Soon (but not soon ENOUGH, according to my maternal clock), I was pregnant with my second son, followed by my daughter. My son was still in the nursery (he's the lightest, worst sleeper on the planet with the exception of, well, ME) when I popped out my daughter, which meant that she slept in various areas around the house before moving into the nursery.

Now, the two boys share a large bedroom and she still lives in the nursery, which has been painted (per her third birthday request) two shades of pink. You practically need sunglasses to get in there.

And because she's been working on potty-training and staying dry overnight, she's moved from a lavish crib to a toddler bed. Sounds like it would be pretty awesome, no?


No it would not. At least, that's what my daughter thinks.

SHE wants, more than anything to sleep with her brothers. She, like her middle brother, doesn't like to "sleep alone."

Fair enough.

A couple of nights we tried this arrangement -- the boys have enough room in their bedroom to fit a small marching band while her bedroom, I'm not gonna lie, is about the size of a hamster cage or a dorm room.

The problem is, she won't stay in bed. The two Littles (a term I use to describe the two small ones in my home) are 22 months apart and go to preschool together all day, so they're tight. They're also keen on doing things together, which I fully support.

Unless it's keep the entire house up to 11 p.m. giggling, scampering, and throwing clothes at each other. Sounds cute, right? Well it is. Until you've passed hour three with no end in sight.

I don't know what we'll do with her or if they can all sleep together, but it does make my heart smile to see their little heads, all in one room.


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