Toddler Who Freaked Out When Mom Gave Him a 'Tattoo' Will Never Be Cool (VIDEO)

baby temporary tattooAwww. This poor little guy! Usually videos of adorable babies make me smile, but this one totally made me want to cry!! Sixteen-month-old Marshall's mom thought her son would "get a kick" out of the temporary tattoo she put on his leg, but whoa! He absolutely hates it! Like, a lot!

Now, in defense of Marshall's mom, my kids were once this age -- and they LOVED temporary tattoos. Tattoos, stickers, stamps ... self-created designs drawn with a Sharpie they happened to find on Mommy's desk when she had her back turned ... some little kids love the idea of illustrating their own bodies, is my point.

So I'm sure his mom wasn't expecting to fill her baby boy with anguish when she stuck that tattoo on his pudgy thigh. I guess you just never know ...


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It completely breaks my heart when he shrugs his little shoulders, as if to say: I don't know if it comes off, Mommy! I don't know if it's EVER going to come off! Oh, the humanity!

Watch (and weep):

Awww. See what I mean? Somehow I have a feeling this is a kid who's going to shudder every time he passes by a tattoo parlor for the rest of his life ...

Does your little one like temporary tattoos?


Image via Darba Melen/YouTube

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