5 Guys Tackle a Breast Pump: You've Gotta See This! (VIDEO)

men assemble breast pump

On the latest episode of Mom vs. Man from CafeMom Studios, host Lauren O'Quinn challenged a group of five men with a very daunting task -- to see if they could collectively assemble a breast pump in 60 seconds or less.

And I know what you're thinking -- there's no way these guys were able to pull it off, because putting a breast pump together is hard enough for a breastfeeding mom, let alone a bunch of men who look like they're barely out of college.


Take a look at the clip below to see how they fared -- their efforts may surprise you!

LOL! Can you believe that they were actually able to pull it off? And honestly, these guys really seemed to enjoy the process, especially the dude in the pink shirt. After taking the pump for a test drive, he seemed kind of in pain at first -- but then he got pretty into the whole deal. I wouldn't be surprised if he begged Lauren to give it another try once the cameras stopped rolling.

Do you have a hard time putting your breast pump together?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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