Mom Tricks Baby With Spoonful of Peas & His Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)

Andrew eats peasEvery Mom I talk to seems to have a different theory on how to introduce solids to a baby. Veggies then fruits was my pediatrician's plan. Green foods then orange was another.

But I haven't found a single path that guarantees your baby is going to love everything you put in their mouth ... and one adorable little guy named Andrew was caught on video recently showing just how bad things can go when your baby gets a taste of something they don't like. The cutie is more than happy to suck down spoons full of pears, but when Mom pulls a bait and switch and tries to give her little guy peas, well ... just watch what happens.


Woooh hoooo! Somebody is maaaaad, and he's not going to take it! Just wait until they try to give him something really gross, like, ewww, liver!

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I know it would be cruel to do this over and over and over again, but if my (now 7-year-old) kid made faces that cute every time, I would be tempted to switch out her favorite foods for her not-so-favorite foods at every meal ... provided someone would stand over my shoulder at all times with a camera trained on her to catch the reaction, of course. Sadly, these days she's more likely to tell me in no uncertain terms what a meanie I am for actually expecting her to eat tomato sauce on pasta (you know, the same sauce she will GLADLY eat on pizza).

What foods have made your baby screw up his face and pull an Andrew?


Image via BlackSTi/YouTube

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