10 Things More Relaxing Than Vacation With My Children

kids in pool

Last week, we took the kids on vacation. I use the term "vacation" loosely, because there was nothing relaxing at all about the week away from home. Fun? Yes. Change of scenery? For sure. Great memories? Uh-huh. But, a vacation? Not really, since I am now in dire need of my own week away. Fortunately, I have some things planned this week that before seemed mundane, but now will seem like an absolute pleasure cruise ...


1. Heading to Target alone on a Saturday night.

2. Getting a cavity filled at the dentist (complete with laughing gas, of course).

3. Catching up on a week's worth of mail.

4. Waiting in line at the post office while responding to emails

5. Going to my annual pap smear where I have to wait at least an hour to see a doctor.

6. Weeding, without having to clean off little feet and hands of dirt.

7. Doing laundry that doesn't include piles of sand and 10 million pool towels.

8. Shopping at the grocery store, with less than three children in tow.

9. Getting my eyebrows waxed.

10. Sitting on my own couch and sleeping in my own bed. Ahhhhhhhhhh ...


Image via Scary Mommy

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