Cookie Monster's 'Call Me Maybe' Parody Hurts the Ears But You'll Still Smile (VIDEO)

cookie monster share it maybe

Yes it's time for that song. Again. I know. There really is no end in sight, is there? But just because you're sick to death of that Carly Rae Jepsen song "Call Me Maybe" they play on the radio every six minutes doesn't mean your toddler is, bucko. You're a parent, it's your duty. Play the darn thing. Titled "Share It Maybe" and going viral like crazy, it's all about sharing cookies and drinking skim milk, so it's a win-win for everybody.


Then get ready to play it again about a thousand more times. Especially when Cookie Monster starts jamming and dancing with all those young, good-looking hipsters around 1:30 minutes in. In fact, just skip to that part. I'm not sure who all those people are (the Sesame Street office staff?) but they've got the moves. Maybe I will watch it a few more times on mute (love Cookie, but dude can't sing) and practice them tonight after the kids go to bed. Oh the sacrifices.

It's hard to get through this entire parody ... but here's the video, so watch it maybe ...

Would your toddler like this video? What was his reaction when you played it for him?

Image and video via SesameStreet/YouTube

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