Baby & Dad Have Epic Lightsaber Face-Off (VIDEO)

baby lightsaberI totally can't watch this clip of an adorable baby having an epic lightsaber duel with her daddy without hearing the "Imperial March" in my head: Dum-dum-dum, dum-DA-dum, dum-DA-dum. And I bet this dad is totally humming Darth Vader's theme song in his head, too! Because you just know he's been waiting years, YEARS for this moment! The moment when at long last, he could begin training his very own padawan.

Seriously, this is apparently a "thing" now -- dads are bonding with daughters by inducting them into their beloved sci-fi subculture of choice. Which, in this case, happens to be really, really cute.


You know what else is really, really cute? The moment when this baby looks at her lightsaber, then looks at daddy's lightsaber, then looks at her lightsaber ... and notices she's clearly getting the short end of the glow stick.

Awww. It's okay, little padawan. Someday you'll get a full-size lightsaber. Probably at one of the many, many Star Wars-themed birthday parties you'll be having in the future. No other kind of party (sorry, kid). It's gonna be all Star Wars, all the time.

Does your kid like Star Wars?


Image via slothfurnace/YouTube

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